We're creating a simple & comprehensive web based cross-stitch design application - will you help us as a designated "Superpower Designer"?

We're starting from scratch, working directly with experienced designers like you to capture all the requirements needed to bring cross-stitch designers the features they want most in a simple, modern and powerful cross-stitch design application.
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Imagine, you are away from your studio, away from any computers, but you always carry your trusty tablet...!

You suddenly have a truly awesome idea for a new design, but you don't have any of your tools with you except for your trusty tablet or smartphone. Hmm, there is this website (and app installed!), x-stitch.io... Let's see how much of your idea you can capture with x-stitch.io!

How often would you say you get motivated to start or work on a new design while not in your studio?

Which professional cross-stitch design application do you use? If none, may we kindly ask what you do use?

Are you interested in using a web-based (cloud-based) cross-stitch design application (to be able to access from any web based PC or mobile device)?

Are you interested in being able to tweak your design work in a corresponding mobile app? I.e., we would offer a native app from the web based x-stitch.io program that will be similar to the web version, but with perhaps limited functionality.

Do you use cloud-based IT services such as Gmail/Google Docs, and/or designer software such as Pixlr, Sketch,  SUMO Paint?

Are you interested in sharing your work directly from x-stitch.io on social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter?

Are you interested in being able to tweak your design from within a mobile app?

Are you interested in customizing your tools & palettes upon setting up x-stitch.io (at first sign-in)?

Next, we are going to show you several sample menus and pallettes. We'd love for you to rank them in importance (usefulness) to you.

Which of the following would influence your decision the most if you were to pay for x-stitch.io?

How do you feel x-stitch.io should be priced against competitors?

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